My Treasure in Life.

Each time he fulfills my wishes,A parcel jettisons from the heaven,No wonder he riddles me with unpredictable treasures,But I certainly ace at solving them.He shows me that,Treasure is in the timelessness of memories lying in those old pictures.Treasure is in digging the ephemeral joys of childhood.Treasure is in diving in the past, while I see…Continue reading »

My Home.

I had to leave this beauty behind,The long roads stretch in the bright summer days and the foggy nights.I just could recollect the train blowing horn passing by,and those parrots chirping up in the sky.Did I ever wish to plug in my earphones?Because still the music lingers in my ears.Years flew here, in my SSC…Continue reading »

A Science Kid Says…

And the torque of life, along our mind, rotates us with an omega, churns our brain to make a recoil, but the existing field of dominance always stays constant laughs at our monotonic decreasing state and suddenly from inductive to mesomeric, we swing up to reach the maxima, standing at the eccentricity of parabola, relieving…Continue reading »